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February 2014

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Is Pay Per Click (PPC) a Step to Maximise Profits

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Iif a company is not investing in PPC advertising, then it is certainly at a serious disadvantage. It is to be noted that PPC advertising is not only the fastest way to generate leads for a business, but it is one of the best ways to get in front of prospects wherever they are online.

However, it is to be kept in mind that profitable PPC advertising is very difficult, mainly because of the level of competition that prevails online. A PPC specialist will optimise your PPC campaigns and website conversion rates. They understand the fact that higher conversion rates is one of the most important factor in any online business.

It can certainly be a difficult task to make a PPC campaign work effectively especially if the responsible person does not have the required knowledge or experience. If a company chooses to set up their own campaigns, then there are greater chances of bidding on under-performing and irrelevant keywords that will cost the company more than its actually worth.

A good SEO firm will try its level best to improve the number of conversions that a site receives because this will help reduce the cost that will be paid for each conversion and will certainly increase your ROI. An experienced PPC specialist will not only focus on the set up of the campaign, but will also pay due importance to the optimisation of each of these PPC campaigns and its conversion rate. Browse the net for more information on the same and make sure you hire the PPC services of the one who offers quality service at competitive rates.

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Are SEO Services a Cost Effective Solution? Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Service

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Presently, a number of people are looking out for affordable SEO services mainly because whether a company is big or small they certainly need competent SEO providers who can help them expand their businesses and effectively interact with clients through online marketing. With effectively planned SEO strategies, a business will certainly be able to drive a increased amounts of traffic to their website, which in turn, will help improve its online reputation and sales.

The following are a few tips on how to choose an affordable and an efficient SEO firm.

Affordable as opposed to cheap

The most important thing to be considered about affordable search engine optimisation services as against cost effectiveness is that it should not necessarily mean cheaper. Opting for a specialists qualified and results driven SEO Dublin agency within a set budget should not mean settling for a mediocre service you should always expect a high quality link building service with high metrics associated with each link provided.


When looking for low-cost SEO solutions make sure you consider the services of the experienced engineers with a proven track record of success in carrying out search engine optimisation campaigns and in website status management. It is to be noted that only an experienced company will be able to offer specialised solutions in website development and management.

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The Effective Application of Website Analytics

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Site owners spend a lot of time and energy in getting their websites online- now it’s time to evaluate its effectiveness and workings! As a business owner, it is very important to know how many people are visiting the site, how do these people get to know about the site, and whether the marketing efforts are effective or not. Luckily, website analytics will help a business owner get answers for all those answers.

Knowing a company’s online audience will help site owners tailor their site as per user behaviours. For instance, if the analysis conducted shows that most online visitors get to the site through social media, then the company can take effective steps to improve its social media marketing.

The following are few ways in which website analytics can tell about the success of the website:

    • Visitors: website analytics will enable the site owners to know about the people visiting the site, and whether they are new or older customers. Apart from this it will also provide information about how they found they found the site, where are they located, and browsers that they are using.


    • Pages: provides information about the effectiveness of a few pages.


    • Referrers: helps find out which URL’s, websites, keywords, and search engines, lead visitors to the site.


    • Mobile: helps find out the number of customers who are accessing the site through their mobile devices.


    • Social Media: Helps measure the effectiveness and success rate of social media profiles and finds out how visitors are responding to the company’s social media marketing efforts.


    • Advertising: Enables find out the effectiveness of online advertising and marketing efforts.


Hence, it is wise to make use of website analytics services which helps analyse the effectiveness and working of the site.

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Social Media Marketing – Pushing For Success

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A study, which was conducted by the Altimeter Group, revealed that companies make use of social media marketing to accomplish a number of business objectives like increasing annual sales growth. Apart from big companies, even small businesses have understood the benefit of social media as an important communication platform that enables the firm to have a two-way communication between the company and its shareholders. This helps support a number of company objectives and processes, including market research, customer relationship management, customer retention, customer base expansion, cost control initiatives, product marketing, sales, public relations, and recruiting.

According to the study, companies can target new customers with the help of the corporate message on a social media channel. The company can also effectively evaluate the effects of the broadcasted message based on customer feedback regarding the same. Unlike before, social media marketing services have helped businesses reach great heights by getting them to keep in touch with the customers. They can now directly get feedback on their products and services enabling them to work on providing better customer service and product lines. Social media marketing has certainly effected third-party services such as print marketing and traditional marketing efforts.

Social media marketing is a relatively low-cost social media marketing effort to market products and services available to millions of consumers across borders. This main feature of social media marketing has played a major role in the popularity of social media marketing and its role in getting business to great heights. Find out what Facebook training in Dublin and other social techniques can do for your business today.