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Survive The Zebra Stampede

The acid test for rich, relevant, credible content has been the Google algorithm updates of the past four or five years. If your Magento ecommerce website design Dublin survived the barrage of changes and has continued to sustain credibility with the Search Engines indexing rewarding you with positive page rankings, then you have little worry – you have been doing things right. You have implemented a secure system that has insulated itself against attack from penguins, pandas and hummingbirds – but what about the oncoming zebra.

Ecommerce Marketeers

There are a number of elements that E Commerce marketers should implement in their Websites to build an armoury against any possible future down grading of page rankings. If you incorporate the following ideas then you will have an effective barrier not only against Zebras but also against any other marauding Google wildlife in future.

  • Ensure effective page indexing by the Search Engines by providing detailed product descriptions.
  • Have at least one internal link in each description that will lead to a top navigation item.
  • Avoid duplicate content penalties by varying the introductory paragraphs on all product pages – especially if you have lots of URLs.
  • Comply with future user disability directives which will demand a rolling progression from Responsive websites to new mobile builds.
  • Provide users with the ability to make shopping comparisons while still on your website. This should reflect positively on your conversions.
  • The major Search Engines are looking for schema mark-ups to index web pages more effectively, so be sure to implement schema in your web pages to assist the search Engines to potentially index more thoroughly.
  • Connect authors to their online content through Authorship mark-up. Generate authoritative credible content and prepare for the likely appearance of Author Rank in the Google algorithm. This has been muted by Matt Cutts Googles SEO consultant expert in the recent past.
  • Create product or services videos and set up a company You Tube page with these videos.
  • Provide a ‘Line Chat’ facility for the user. It introduces a personal aspect to the cyber environment and shopping experience.
  • Flag up all your Company policies with a relevance to the consumer and law.
  • Incorporate an element of safety to counteract the rampaging Zebra by becoming a Google Trusted store.
  • Positive reviews from trusted reviewers will have an increasing positive effect with the Google crawlers and indexing.