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The Effective Application of Website Analytics

Site owners spend a lot of time and energy in getting their websites online- now it’s time to evaluate its effectiveness and workings! As a business owner, it is very important to know how many people are visiting the site, how do these people get to know about the site, and whether the marketing efforts are effective or not. Luckily, website analytics will help a business owner get answers for all those answers.

Knowing a company’s online audience will help site owners tailor their site as per user behaviours. For instance, if the analysis conducted shows that most online visitors get to the site through social media, then the company can take effective steps to improve its social media marketing.

The following are few ways in which website analytics can tell about the success of the website:

    • Visitors: ecommerce website design and website analytics will enable the site owners to know about the people visiting the site, and whether they are new or older customers. Apart from this it will also provide information about how they found they found the site, where are they located, and browsers that they are using.
    • Pages: provides information about the effectiveness of a few pages.
    • Referrers: helps find out which URL’s, websites, keywords, and search engines, lead visitors to the site.
    • Mobile: helps find out the number of customers who are accessing the site through their mobile devices.
    • Social Media: Helps measure the effectiveness and success rate of social media profiles and finds out how visitors are responding to the company’s social media marketing efforts.
    • Advertising: Enables find out the effectiveness of online advertising and marketing efforts.

Hence, it is wise to make use of website analytics services which helps analyse the effectiveness and working of the site.