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The Client

Sport NI

Public body developing sport in Northern Ireland, by distributing funds on behalf of the Exchequer and on behalf of The National Lottery.

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The Solution

Digital Marketing Consultancy & Training

Social Media Video Master Class – a full day practical video-making, editing and publishing workshop. Training and consultancy included strategies, equipment and techniques used to make great video content for social media.

  • Learn by exploring examples of great video content for social media
  • How to generate great content ideas
  • Planning a shoot
  • Equipment Show and tell with cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, light etc.
  • Getting the shot: composition and framing
  • Lighting basics for video production
  • Sound recording basics for video production
  • Generate a number of ideas for great video content
  • Learn how to broadcast live using Facebook Live and how to promote these broadcasts in advance
  • Editing video content
  • Structuring, composing, scheduling and publishing video content for maximum engagement.
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“We learned how to make video content to achieve greater engagement, as this was something that we have struggled with in the past. We were shown different types of film-making equipment and we worked together to make and edit a short film.”

– Bronagh McAteer,
Digital Communications Officer,
Sport Northern Ireland.

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