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Ryco have been developing ecommerce platforms for over 16 years and highly recommends that every e-commerce business seriously evaluates how migrating to IRP could exponentially increase profitability. 

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Electrical World

A merchant ran parallel IRP and Shopify sites selling the same products and using the same services – to allow a rare direct comparison.

Up  IRP 149% More Sales

 Up IRP 2.4X More eGross Profits

 Up IRP >10X Export Sales

IRP vs shopify

“We ran two parallel sites for nearly 3 years - one on IRP, one on Shopify.”

John Coalter, Electrical World CEO

The site navigation is excellent, the number of clicks are optimal, clear, concise and visually pleasing. Actionable content – Actions on the homepage are great, you can clearly see where to look for products, how to sign in, featured products, special offers etc. URL structure – URL structure in terms of category, then product etc are excellent. Really great for Google bots and make indexing the site much better which will give better SEO. Mobile site – excellent – responsive design is great.

Google International Optimisation Team

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