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14 July, 2020

Trending SEO factors for local SEO

Trending SEO factors for Dublin Businesses: What impacts SEO rankings for local businesses today? If you are a Dublin-based business with an online presence, you probably spend some time thinking...
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13 July, 2020

Positive customer experiences – refocused marketing

Though marketing strategies and campaigns are increasingly influenced by evolving technology, both in their planning and delivery, marketing experts believe that the technological ingredient in 2020 will be superseded by...
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13 July, 2020

Is SEO necessary in 2020?

SEO - a necessary and measurable investment In recent surveys by reputable digital marketing commentators, the necessity of SEO is underscored as a major factor in promoting your website pages...
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1 July, 2020

Why SEO is key for online marketing success in Dublin

Beating your competition: Why SEO is key for online marketing success in Dublin Are you a Dublin-based business that’s competing online for market share? For Irish Small and Medium Enterprises...
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20 November, 2018

Why manufacturers need Magento

Manufacturers are no longer depending on traditional methods of finding a retail partner to distribute, merchandise, price and sell their product. The historical end-game simply boiled down to sharing the...
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30 August, 2018

Voice Search – the next big reality for Marketers and Optimisation

Back in 2016 digital thought leaders were claiming that “mobile isn’t what’s next – it is right now”. Effectively mobile has eclipsed desktop as regards the device usage number game…

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29 August, 2018

Why Magento is the preferred ECommerce platform for over 250,000 global merchants.

There are so many ecommerce platforms available to the retail sector that making a choice can often be predicated upon a host of subjective arbitrary factors that are at best…

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13 August, 2018

Trends in the E-commerce sector that could impact your online platform and SEO marketing strategies into the future.

Projected E-commerce sales are expected to exceed 3 trillion pounds sterling by 2020, so from a competitive perspective online businesses will have to shape up in terms of deploying more...
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16 May, 2018

CT1 Video Testimonial

SummaryTitle CT1 Testimonial Video – Viral Marketing Campaign

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16 May, 2018

Video Testimonial From EJ Menswear


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14 May, 2018

Impact of Social Media signals on SERPS

Of all the factors that impact rankings in SERPS, social media platforms are becoming one of the most popular and effective means of marketing your business and promoting your brand….

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22 March, 2018

How Google Speed Update Will Affect Dublin Businesses SEO

The expected Google Speed Update will affect Mobile Search and SEO It is confirmed now that Google will use Mobile Page Speed as a ranking signal in their mobile search…

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22 March, 2018

Tips on how to speed up Magento 2

Expert Tips on configuring why your Magento 2 backend and frontend are running slow If your Magento 2 store is being challenged by operational slow-down then there are certain elements...
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14 March, 2018

Magento – the perfect E-Commerce Platform and business partner

There is a wide range of e-commerce CMS platforms available on the market to prospective online retailers and wholesalers but none qualify for ticking so many boxes as Magento. As…

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13 September, 2017

Blogger Outreach

The marketing concept of Blogger Outreach is not new but to the uninitiated or those not directly involved with SEO, it is simply more jargon to add to the already…

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13 September, 2017

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority is the term used to describe the SEO Moz website metric that denotes or measures exactly how powerful a domain name is in leveraging top rankings for websites...
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25 August, 2017

What Is SEO?

What is SEO?  – A simple definition  Onsite SEO is a collective term for all you need to do to make your website search engine friendly. To do this requires…

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14 July, 2017

Increase your sales by implementing six steps to improve ecommerce performance

The prime factor in implementing online sales is commissioning an online platform that will attract, engage and trigger sales conversions. That is the aspiration. However platform fulfilment is merely the…

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12 July, 2017

  A sea change in ecommerce payments in 2017

Consumer expectations are realised According to Andy Barker who joined Magento Commerce in 2016 as the Head of Payment Strategy for Global Payments, online and offline commerce has merged presenting…

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10 July, 2017

A thirty day window for retargeting with Dynamic Product Ads

Selling on social media is recognition of a market that has yet to be fully exploited to release the latent potential within to sell, upsell and retarget. According to Nosto…

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6 June, 2017

Magento 2 Excellence

Developers pay homage to Magento Developers pay homage to Magento 2 as the preferred next generation ecommerce platform of choice. Its technical superiority and prowess in the field of ecommerce…

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1 February, 2017

SEO for Mobile: How to Optimise your Site for Smartphones

Most internet users surf the web using their smartphones and who can blame them? It’s quick, easy and you can have the answer to your question with just the touch…

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27 January, 2017

Magento Vs Shopify: Which is the Best ECommerce Platform for your Business?

Every online store needs a high-quality ecommerce platform to build storefronts that convert. Choosing your platform is one of the first decisions you will make and it’s perhaps the most...
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25 January, 2017

Top 3 SEO Trends to Watch in 2017

We’re well into 2017 now and it’s time to step into our office Tardis to see what the future holds for SEO in the upcoming months. As you’re probably aware…

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14 June, 2016

What is Search Engine Optimisation? SEO in a Nutshell

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used to improve a site’s ranking position on search engines. The closer you are to the top of the ranking list, the more visible you become. The top three positions…

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9 January, 2015

Google Algorithm – What The Customer Needs To Know.

It is taken for granted that those in the digital marketing world have a working understanding of Google’s algorithms and the direct effect they have on Web Sites’ rankings in…

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21 February, 2014

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) a Step to Maximise Profits

Iif a company is not investing in PPC advertising, then it is certainly at a serious disadvantage. It is to be noted that PPC advertising is not only the fastest…

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21 February, 2014

Are SEO Services a Cost Effective Solution? Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Service

Presently, a number of people are looking out for affordable SEO services mainly because whether a company is big or small they certainly need competent SEO providers who can help...
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21 February, 2014

The Effective Application of Website Analytics

Site owners spend a lot of time and energy in getting their websites online- now it’s time to evaluate its effectiveness and workings! As a business owner, it is very…

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21 February, 2014

Social Media Marketing – Pushing For Success

A study, which was conducted by the Altimeter Group, revealed that companies make use of social media marketing to accomplish a number of business objectives like increasing annual sales growth….

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24 December, 2013

What Impact Do Status Code 404s Have On SEO?

It has been established that Status Code 404s do appear frequently on internet pages without necessarily causing undue concern to either user or Search Engines. However the ambiguous nature of…

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24 December, 2013

Considering The Impact Of Google’s New Algorithm – Hummingbird

What is Hummingbird? Contrary to the perceived belief that Hummingbird is an algorithm update, many are  incredulous at the news that it is actually a "new" algorithm. It represents a...
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24 December, 2013

How To Survive The Zebra Stampede – Should It Be Unleashed On You In The Future

The acid test for rich, relevant, credible content has been the Google algorithm updates of the past four or five years. If your Magento ecommerce store survived the barrage of…

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24 December, 2013

Zebra Update – Myth Or Reality

Is the arrival of the much talked about Zebra update imminent or is it an aberration. Should the next Google algorithm update happen sooner rather than later, there is every…

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24 December, 2013

Build An Online Reputation By Hiring The Services Of Online Reputation Management Companies

When it comes to life, reputation is something that is gained over time and this one single factor can take you a long way. If your reputation is tarnished even…

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24 December, 2013

Significance Of Web Marketing In Today’s World

It is next to impossible to attract visitors to your website without implementing a marketing strategy. Today, there are millions of websites active related to every field or domain of…

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2 December, 2013

Hire Affordable Website Conversion Optimization Services

Website conversion can be defined as the process by which you turn curious people who visit your website into customers. Conversion rate acts as the ratio of people who have…