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Why Magento is the preferred ECommerce platform

There are so many ecommerce platforms available to the retail sector that making a choice can often be predicated upon a host of subjective arbitrary factors that are at best confusing and at worst unreliable. Comparison in performance between top ecommerce platform contenders can provide empirical data to make certain assertions about their efficiency in delivering conversions and a return on investment. Whilst a few ecommerce platforms seem to dominate the marketplace there is a major swing towards Magento as the online sales tool of choice. It is fast, free, transparent, customisable and reliable. With Magento 2 it gives you a robust engaging online experience and a greater functionality, since it is geared up to help you meet the challenge of the increasing demands of online shoppers. With over 250,000 Magento merchants globally, many of whom are top brands such as Coca Cola, Burger King, Cisco Systems, Nike, Procter and Gamble, Christian Louboutin, Ford, Fox Connect, Warby Parker, Olympus, Nestle Nespresso and many more, it is the most popular and feature-rich ecommerce software platform in the world. Kurt Geiger’s decision to move to Magento’s ecommerce platform has helped them to give their customers a rich and captivating experience across all devices.

Enjoying a 23% share of the market it still leads the pack in the Alexa top one million. It is also no surprise that it is used by many global small to medium size businesses with great success. Based on analytical data and reports regarding its effectiveness as an online sales tool and its success as the top performing ecommerce sales software, we can deduce that it is the best rounded ecommerce system currently available. Its endorsement by some of the best known global brands, who are turning over billions of pounds in revenue annually, is clear testament to an efficient and popular ecommerce retail and wholesale system that works extremely well for a business mix of world wide clients.

Magento Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source self-hosted platform providing you with a hosting choice, the most reliable option being third party hosting with a specialist company who can control your hosting needs professionally. There are also Companies who can provide Hosting and support as a package which represents a headache free solution for the Magento developers. With its vast global community of developers and contributors it can give you the structure for a scalable platform which can always meet your growing and expanding business requirements. As the ideal partner for promoting your online business Magento has all your needs covered with its rich out-of-the-box features and extensive capability to customise, whatever your business objectives. As an expert partner in seamless third party integrations it can resolve your unique business needs across any industrial sector. You are never left alone to deal with any issues as you have a world-wide system of merchants partners and developers to help you at every step of your ecommerce platform development and running operations. Whether your business is Fashion, Health and Beauty, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Retail or Wholesale the Magento solution can offer many features and benefits that streamline your online enterprise.

You can use visual merchandising tools to create compelling category pages and create exciting authentic content updates with no recourse to IT. You can actually draft personalised shopping experiences for your customer subdivisions. Developers are enamoured with Magento because of its extensibility through a capacious API, thousands of third party extensions and themes and off the shelf development and operationally-ready tools that come with Magento Commerce Cloud. Magento is built on a modern technology stack and has the full capability of handling high growth and peak performance thanks to its scalable and secure infrastructure. Magento’s Cloud platform is PC1, SOC2 and GDPR compliant. Magento commerce assumes responsibility for the heavy lifting, allowing you the business owner to focus on your daily business – learning more about your customers, products and services and marketing campaigns and planning to meet their needs.

The wonderful aspect of Magento is its flexibility in extending its capabilities. With Order Management you can bridge the online and in-store fulfillment system providing more convenient and cost-effective delivery. You can also garner the power of your Magento Commerce database with your other systems to quicken smart, data-driven decisions and transform your shipping into a money cow by streamlining operations with Magento’s intelligent multi-carrier software. The system enables Social Media and SEO integration with lots of plug-ins, themes and extensions to enhance the operational connectivity and efficiency. As an omnichannel operator Magento ensures a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Make Magento your ecommerce platform of choice, to provide your online customers with a seamless shopping experience that is robust, engaging and converts.