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Google Algorithm – What The Customer Needs To Know.

Google Algorithm

It is taken for granted that those in the digital marketing world have a working understanding of Google’s algorithms and the direct effect they have on Web Sites’ rankings in the SERPS. However they are a totally unknown quantity to Digital Marketing Agencies’ customers who simply want their Websites to feature on the first page of Google rankings. Web marketers can only function with those algorithms constantly in mind as they dictate the efficacy of all marketing strategies and digital campaigns but their customers only see the positioning of their online businesses on the ranking pages without any real understanding of how the whole process works. They do not need or want to know all the technical detail of how it operates but they certainly want to at least understand why their rankings can fluctuate and how best to address that anomaly. It would be useful and desirable for marketers to make their customers aware of the nature and role of the algorithms as directional signposts for integrating the requisite changes in all those areas of a website that would then attract a positive reaction from the Google crawlers indexing every aspect of their website or mobile app. The animal names applied to the most important changes over the past four years should highlight to the customer the increasing need to employ digital marketers to ensure their site achieves maximum exposure across all digital channels through effective implementation of algorithmic directives.

Everyone should be aware of the daily changes in Google algorithms and of the need to be constantly alert to the evolution of the Google algorithm and its impact on SEO content marketing strategies. The professional marketer needs to be fully tuned into the evolving machinations of these daily changes so they can respond by creating digital optimisation and marketing campaigns that take cognisance of the algorithmic demands. The customer should have a basic awareness of the imperative need to integrate changes into their marketing strategies and campaigns to ensure they achieve top Google rankings and strive to sustain them. Talk with our SEO consultants if you need any further help or have any questions.