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Zebra Update – Myth Or Reality

Is the arrival of the much talked about Zebra update imminent or is it an aberration. Should the next Google algorithm update happen sooner rather than later, there is every likelihood that it will be a thematic sequel to the previous updates. There is some speculation that the friendly Zebra might turn anti social forcing the Social Web to start cleaning itself up.

If this is its raison d’etre then creating great site content which is shared by people on the web beyond your industry or niche and which has been contributing to page ranking indexing, may be in for a shake up. It is common knowledge that Google does not like influencers affecting their rankings so it could be that a Zebra update may well penalise over reliance on Social Media to achieve top rankings.

Google may register and penalise:

  •  too great a volume of retweets with keywords included around a link;
  • an over subscription of shares on Facebook from people outside your business sector;
  • suspicion of Google+ shares;
  • having a Pinterest page to purely promote SEO services.

If a Zebra update is about to strike then take precautions to pre-empt any fallout. E Commerce web design Dublin will survive this if they have already weathered the storm of Caffeine, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird – a major new algorithm with old parts attached. You have nothing to fear if your content continues to be authoratative and credible and observes the essential criteria cited in Google guidelines.