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Developers pay homage to Magento

Developers pay homage to Adobe Magento 2 as the preferred next generation ecommerce platform of choice. Its technical superiority and prowess in the field of ecommerce multichannel offerings elevate it to a league that is unattainable for the competition.

Nothing speaks louder than success

There is no better way of extolling its virtues or acknowledging its capability than hearing one of its success stories from a very satisfied merchant who, having migrated from another platform to Magento 2, has become a multichannel giant with doubling of conversion rates and 20% annual customer base growth. With 40% of their customers using omnichannel retail experience there is no doubting the figures that have resulted from the platform migration to Magento 2.

The most powerful e-commerce platform in the world

The Company firmly believe that their recent growth is a direct result of Magento’s Commerce Order Management System. This affordable luxury lifestyle brand is known globally and has multiple physical stores worldwide. Before embracing and implementing Magento 2 they realised that their former ecommerce platform was not SEO-friendly, was outdated in most respects and did not have any multichannel features. Desiring to become part of the omnichannel revolution they decided to find a new economic platform. Their aim was to improve visitor traffic and maximise conversion rates in tandem with decreasing bounce rates. It seemed like an uphill struggle from the Company perspective but Magento provided a comprehensive solution, through its leading order management solution, that really established the Company on the world ecommerce stage, on Magento Enterprise.

In collaboration with its Magento Solution Partner, the Company launched on Magento Enterprise Edition which is rated as the most powerful and flexible ecommerce platform in the world, in 2015. They decided not to buy into existing systems but alternatively invested in the addition of Magento Commerce Order Management which enabled all of their global web outlets to work through one central order and inventory system. MCOM fulfilled the Company’s requirement for scalability and efficiency to operate this global business from a central system that managed inventory, organised fulfilment and took care of payment. With the backend of Magento 2 being designed for non-technical users, bulk-editing of products is entirely available without having to call upon the help of an entire development team – a huge bonus and saving in both time and financial outlay.

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