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Is SEO necessary in 2023?

Is SEO a necessary investment?

In recent surveys by reputable digital marketing commentators, the necessity of SEO is underscored as a major factor in promoting your website pages and consequently in exposing your product offering or services to a greater share of online users searching for those products. The effectiveness of Your Magento ecommerce platform is boosted by providing a virtual shop window or brand displaying in SERPS at the top of page one. That is the key to online success. It needs to be in the full gaze of online shoppers searching for your products and it needs to provide exactly what they are searching for in terms of products or services. Your virtual shop window  equates to occupying a top position in page ranking which is inescapably visible to online shoppers. Achieving top rankings in Google’s SERPS is no accident but rather the result of effective SEO practices that actually work!. By deploying relevant and targeted SEO techniques and campaigns Magento merchants can successfully achieve those cherished positions in SERPS that act as a fulcrum to drive traffic and grow conversions.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – can be defined in different terms, but in practice it refers to the technical process of directing targeted organic traffic to your website and ecommerce store. It promotes greater visibility of your platform on Google’s page rank listings and attracts the instant attention of online shoppers looking for your products or services – they are automatically drawn to your website if it occupies poll position on page one. If optimised professionally and effectively, your web site will appear at the top of the Google page rank listings. Thoughtfully structured SEO techniques and campaigns can place you in pole position in SERPS where you have maximum exposure to potential customers looking for your products or services. Implementing thoughtful effective SEO techniques can assist you in achieving better Search Engine results – consequently driving sales conversions, profitability and business growth. 

Importance of your on-site SEO

Your web pages have the potential to rank at the top of Google page rank listings but you have to implement the science to reach the coveted top positions. A fully optimised website is the primary requirement with effective onsite and offsite SEO ensuring that Google’s spiders index the relevant product pages and reward them accordingly for their authoritative, relevant and compelling content. In indexing your web pages Google bots or spiders look for quality content – relevant information that best describes your online offering succinctly and clearly with optimised  meta details and relevant keywords. The intent is that search engines can respond to customer search queries with greater success and precision allowing online shoppers to access exactly what they request, be it  products or services, in a single click. Google wants to speed up the search process with greater emphasis on semantic search enabling better Search Engine understanding of search queries and faster more exact responses. This whole emphasis on making major improvements to search query recognition and response is designed to fast track the online product purchase process. It really is aimed at making the online shopper’s experience intuitive and instantly productive which in turn can transform your ecommerce platform into a profitable business and money making machine. Timely and considered SEO services and techniques and interventions can help you achieve those business goals.

SEO and your marketing plan

A solid marketing plan for any business is key to its future success. This is universally true regardless of the type of enterprise. It is imperative to promote your business and get the word out there, informing your potential customers of your unique offering. SEO is the effective Google algorithmic led  tool to help place your online business at the top of SERPS where maximum exposure to an online consumer public is guaranteed. It is measurable, allowing you to make informed decisions from analytical data gleaned through the use of Google analytical tools, about exactly what changes are necessary to achieve more bang for your buck in implementing future SEO campaigns. Getting your products into the viewing eye is critical for business credibility, sales and profitability so it pays dividends to enlist professional help in creating and implementing effective SEO marketing campaigns which deploy the full range of Google friendly SEO techniques. 

SEO as we understand and appreciate at Ryco, is a challenging science, which if planned and implemented properly, can raise the profile of your ecommerce platform and provide a definite advantage over the competition. It is the Google optimising tried, tested and proven tool for brand and product promotion that has a practical and positive impact on online sales and business growth. We have a proven expertise in providing effective and profitable SEO techniques and campaigns – both on and off page – for Magento merchants, large and small, and have helped Magento customers maximise traffic with an optimal annual increase of up to 300%.

Device wise, whether it is SEO for PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Voice – the same objective applies – to place your business where it is most visible to the online consumer public and that is at the top of SERPS, maximising traffic to your relevant web pages and converting sales. 

Contact Ryco today for advice and help in positioning your Magento ecommerce platform at the top of page one in Google SERPS – the coveted position for brand and product exposure and springboard for exponential growth in online traffic and sales. If you have any questions about suitable SEO company services, Magento 2 development, video production, PPC agency or social media advertising and marketing services contact our digital agency in Dublin today.