Magento Branding And Competitor Analysis

We can fully assess your brands performance and positioning using analytical feedback. By understanding the competition, we can acquaint ourselves with the possible challenges faced by our clients whilst highlighting the opportunities in the market to improve and develop their business even further. Studying your competitors enables us to accurately map out a new dynamic for your business that takes new pathways and avoids the well-worn routes.

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New Opportunities Through Data Feedback

Understanding competitors and appreciating their brand weaknesses allows us to investigate lost opportunities and apply new dynamics to better distinguish your branding position, separating existing strengths from new innovative tactics. New visions towards more effective branding are established thanks to the evaluation and fusion of the analytical results, charting the best practices on both a local and worldwide basis.

Establish and Articulate the Life Giving Forces of Your Organisation Creating a Dynamic through Awareness of Your Aspirations

Nourishing the uniqueness of your brand should act as the springboard for defining the potential reasons for the success of your business. These drops of uniqueness should be articulated in a clear manner and reflect the positive outcome of your business aspirations, dreams and objectives. We can help you to achieve your goals and with Analytical results, provide you with brighter visions for effective branding and the outline of best practices locally and globally.

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Achieving Your Objectives?

A mission statement is used by our customers to provide the relevant feedback and structure for progressive outcomes. Ryco can help sanction and implement a process by dividing this into composite sections and designing a road map that leads to the best way forward. In order to achieve a strategy that meets your vision and aspirations, we devise a values reflector to help indicate how your business is perceived by the business world.

Marks Of Distinction And Brand Framework

Distinctive traits sets your business apart from the competition and can be used to better define your brand and articulate the differentiator (why customers choose your business above your competitors). A road map is created that directs and depicts these singularly distinctive traits. By simply understanding the competition and your own business objectives, we can create frameworks for your brand that capture all of the issues relevant to the brand.

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Considerations In Choosing A Name

When choosing a brand name, you must consider both practical and legal deliberations. Your brand name must be legally available to use and must reflect the brand perfectly since it will soon become the main identifier of your brand. It needs to be available to buy as a domain name and search engine friendly. A memorable name that stands out and makes immediate impact on our minds is an ideal branding name. A great brand name is a major step towards building an effective brand strategy.

Seeing And Hearing Is Believable

The visual impact that your brand presents is crucial and must reflect your company’s aspirations and character. You must attract customer’s attention through a clever combination of your logo, design, colour palette and imagery. We at Ryco take pride in the fact that we always achieve the highest possible standards in brand creation that speaks to customers and provides the “WOW!” factor, whilst securing return on investment. We fully understand the best possible delivery vehicles for implementing your brand. Vocalising your brand is essential and must be expertly managed with the same assurance provided by the visual identity implemented to landscape your business’ branding values and strategy.

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Brand Experience And Guidelines

Brand experience refers to customers’ exposure to brand promotion across various channels which can have a serious impact on the brand with regards to how positive the experience proved to be for the customer. Your business type will be an important indicator as to what kind of experience will be promoted by the said brand. This must be then customised to compliment the relevant company landscape.

Tracking and monitoring implementation and consistency requires overview of the brand guidelines in order to cover each aspect of the branding equation which can involve strategy brochures, reports, employee/supplier hand books and brand books etc. We at Ryco can devise an effective brand experience for our customers, proven by our extensive track record of previous successes.

Brand Values Realisation

Company employees must live and breathe your brand. Every single time that contact is made with your customer, your brand must be executed in a positive and successful perception. At the very forefront of any customer/company interaction must be your brand values. Without presenting evident brand ethics, customers can become disillusioned with your services and turn away from your business. Stabilising a positive image can be achieved by implementing regular staff training to ensure that brand values are projected on a daily basis.

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Adopting New Operative Strategies Through Training

Professional assessment and corrective action is required when using communications to successfully promote your business. Careful monitoring is needed for operational issues and to ensure that every staff member show passion in the brand, regular staff training is needed to guarantee a continuous philosophy of ‘living the brand’. Creating a positive bond between staff members and customers is reached when each member of your team adopts positive behaviour and always strives to present the brand with clear passion and devotion.

Staff Review And Development

To improve a brands relationship with customers, staff progress must be reviewed and if their responsiveness with regards to brand awareness is somewhat lacking, this will require immediate internal measures and remedial action to take place. Call-to-Action and brand awareness seminars is a key apparatus to help ensure that Key Performance Indicators are consistently monitored and assessed. Your staff must be kept up-to-date with brand promotion, internal news, relevant information and always demonstrate brand enthusiasm and loyalty. Promoting ‘brand team bonding’ can be done by using conduits such as posters, intranets, newsletters and other worthwhile advertising materials.

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