A planned approach to Magento User Experience design

  • User Experience Strategy

  • UX Measurement

  • UX Design Strategy

  • Collaboration

  • Iteration

  • Measurement

User Experience Strategy

The attitudes and demands of consumers constantly change with the advancement of technology. Your long-term business strategy must focus on user experience in order to keep up with these ever-changing customer demands. A good strategy will not only keep your customers satisfied in the long run but it will also continue to manage, measure and improve customer experience through a large variety of channels and devices.

We understand the inevitability that a customer’s needs will change and thus your company must be able to keep up with these changes in order to better serve your customers and to provide them with the high quality user experience that they deserve. The end result will be a user experience strategy that is birthed from honing technology and understanding that consumers needs will change over time. Once you have adapted this into your strategy, your business will be capable of better serving its consumers on a long-term and ongoing basis.

We can also provide you with assistance to help your senior stakeholders develop a clearer understanding of the case for investment. This will help to create an accurate and detailed plan to improve user experience by prioritising your business’ needs and goals.

To avoid any unnecessary confusions and to ensure that your business understands the assigned user experience strategy fully, we have presented our outputs in a straightforward manner that is written in simple and plain English.
We can also assist you with helping senior stakeholders have a better understanding of the case for investment, prioritising your business’ needs and goals to help create a detailed plan of improvement for the user experience.
To ensure that your business understands the assigned user experience strategy, our outputs are presented in a straightforward manner, written in plain English to avoid any unnecessary confusions.

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UX Measurement

The foundation for long term user experience management and tracking is good measurement. Unfortunately, clear patterns and insights do not fall from the sky, which is why you need to develop a trustworthy and precise foundation from which to measure.

We understand that different businesses require different measures that are most significant to their customers and business. We focus on the individual aspects of your business that will allow you to improve upon your design decisions and provide you with the best chance to resource priorities and discuss investment.

One of our main goals is to help you to prioritise the long-term measures that will contribute to the success of your business (including referral, loyalty, satisfaction and preference). This is to create a connection that will last by using tactical measures (such as user journeys, content engagement and sales). Adapting this approach will result in a more accurate identification of the correct improvements to user experience that will create the most value whilst strengthening your business’ connection between good user experience and long-term business value.

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UX Design Strategy (Thinking, Talking, Measuring and Making)

The overall design of a discrete component from the user experience derives from a creative design strategy that will decide on factors such as a new interaction, journey, service or product.

A great design strategy will ensure that your business is prepared to tackle even the most complex and seemingly difficult briefs. Your business will stand more confidently against its competitors whilst reducing any foreseeable risks. Having a superb design strategy under your belt will reveal exciting new creative opportunities, using bold moves and new experiences to lead your business towards a brighter future.

There is never going to be one strategy that works for every project. Each project comes with its own set of user groups, individual goals technology and commercial context which is why it is important to understand the uniqueness of each project and to adhere to their individual objectives and desired results. Despite this, there are a few common components that most projects will use at some stage in their strategy which includes a clear delivery of outcomes that are designed for both the customer and the client, research and date insight to open the design space, a creative brief to help encourage focused thinking and finally, a detailed plan for project management and communications.

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Collaboration is a Necessity, not a Luxury

Great minds think alike which is why we enjoy collaborating with others so that we can help each other to tackle problems that we cannot find the answers to. Combing creative minds together like this, ensures that we are always exploring new and fresh ideas in order to reach a resolved solution to the problem.

We value the knowledge and unique experience that only our clients can provide for us which is why we grant them with sufficient access to their project whilst it is still ongoing. Team work is key which is why our team often gather to swap ideas and thoughts concerning the progress and outcome of a project. This is especially necessary when it comes to the more difficult and complex challenges regarding a project.

The customer is one of the most valued and trusted members of this creative team. The value of their knowledge and wisdom cannot be overstated enough. In order to gain further insight, we often collaborate with customers inside our research studios or even out in the world so that we can discuss their ideas and experiences on the matter. This method of customer negotiation and collaboration is what sets us apart from the masses.

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Iteration, the Antidote
to Guess-Work

Moments of genius is said to strike at any time which is why it is important to assess creative ideas to ensure that they are in fact, genius. Creative processes requires time to both validate assumptions and to check your thinking. Analysing creativity like this will help to ensure that the idea is a good one and that it is not fleeting.

The creative process that we undertake here carries out in various cycles, or stages. We begin by creating storyboards filled with sketches. This allows us to develop prototypes which can then be transformed into visual designs which are ready for production of a Magento ecommerce platform. This process reduces risks and plucks bad ideas from the project before they have a chance to be embedded. It also allows us to get creative with our ideas and insights, which can then be improved upon and developed in order to produce a more creative solution that will push the idea towards the relevant market.

Our lean approach to the creative process keeps the project on its toes. The creative team is able to voice any thoughts, ideas or concerns about the project which allows us to better target users, loops of re-work, client stakeholders and to reduce the risk of interrupted project timescales.

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What gets done
gets measured

We measure the effectiveness of the work when it has transitioned into the real world via our Magento developers to help guarantee that the business outcomes we promised have been delivered. This is necessary so that we can take note of any opportunities that may have arisen to improve upon the project and to optimise the final result.

A variety of measurements is required to fully understand the quality of the user experience. We take time to take a closer look at each aspect of user experience including micro-measurements, form-field interactions and macro-measurements such as satisfaction and brand attributes.

We make sure that our job has been done right before it is complete. We didn’t create our business to win awards, but to get results.

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